Yard by Yard Makeovers, LLC
    "A Creative Landscaping Company!"
The often-overlooked sideyard is,
in this case, transformed into an
herb garden.  The dry stream bed
running through the enclave also
functions as a path, providing
access to the smaller, sculptural
elements dotting the space.  The
‘boulders’ along the stream bed
appear elsewhere in the gardens,
providing a common element
which unifies otherwise diverse
landscaping styles.
This landscaping
exemplifies Yard-by-Yard
Makeovers’ ability to work
with homeowners’ specific
preferences; from creating
specialty areas, such as the
herb garden, to ‘designing
around’ existing elements  
like the weeping spruce,
Above: A dry stacked stone wall anchors the
corner of the house, while providing an even
planting bed raised above the sloping
sideyard. This japanese maple tree was
successfully moved and replanted atop the
dry stack wall several months before these
photos were taken
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